Paula’s Transformation

This is Paula.

I’ve been coaching her for freaking ages now.

I think the best thing is we’ve become really good mates.

I also get on absolutely brilliantly with her Husband Al, and we’ve been out a few times in Glasgow, and stayed at their freezing cold massive lovely apartment with their horribly allergic cats, that look like microphones.


Right, look at the pictures.

The wins for everyone here are:

Paula has lost weight.

She’s more confident in her own skin.

Makes better choices with food/alcohol.


My biggest wins?

Getting her to WANT to exercise.

She genuinely WANTS to hit the gym or head out on her bike, because it makes her FEEL good.


So yes, these facilitate a better and healthy physique, but having her enjoy what she’s doing and make active choices in her life to enable her to achieve her goals are the biggest wins for me as a Coach.

Very selfish post above.

She’s put the work in, not me, but I am proud of this, so that’s what I wanted to talk about specifically.

I’d like to say well done to Paula.

How did we achieve this?

Well, Paula basically sends me her schedule for the following 6 weeks.

She inputs her very hectic social and work life.

I provide a realistic and achievable calorie target based on that day and those activities.

From there, we get a weekly average calorie deficit.

Then Paula changes body shape.

Paula has got really in to cycling.

She does classes at the gym she goes to that she loves.

I write training plans based around current needs and goals, including things she likes doing.

Then, Paula sets out and does them.

This in turn, gets awesome results.


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