Part 2 of Becky’s Weight Loss Journey

Am I a Fraud?

So things progressed of course. Then my friend asked me to enter into a competition with her a “transformation bikini comp”. I couldn’t think of anything worse than standing up in front of strangers in a bikini to be judged. But I agreed, I thought it would do me good to get out of my comfort zone, have a real goal. Then I contacted Dan and begged him to help me.

Dan was more than happy to come to my rescue because I was asking for help in the area he knows best. That was it I was signed up! I was buzzing my tits off and then I get sent all this “stuff”. Reading material and forms and oh shit my workout plan. I sat looking at it all thinking “what the f’ck have I done, I can’t do this, I am going to look so stupid, I am going to fail”. I sat looking at it all feeling seriously overwhelmed and I cried, I had a mini meltdown. Wiping my tears I messaged Dan and told him exactly how I was feeling. He told me that I knew what I was doing and to stop being such a twat. Well that was me told.

So I looked at videos of the bits in my training plan I wasn’t familiar with and I took my time with my programme. I planned all my meals each week and entered every morsel that entered my mouth into my fitness pal. By week 2 I had lost 7lbs and I had done 2 pull ups yay! I was losing Inches and my confidence was increasing.

Key thing to having a coach is to be honest and truthful. Let them know if your mega stressed, if you haven’t slept, if you’re unwell. I had a particularly crap week due to various reasons from illness to family stress and Dan ordered a rest day and deload. I thought initially that I would feel guilty for not working hard but I didn’t. Just a few days later and I felt strong and ready for my training again at slightly lower weights. At the start I had some exercises within my plan that caused discomfort, I didn’t want to tell Dan at first but knew I wouldn’t progress well if I wasn’t honest. He simply switched them for something else that I could do without causing any aggravation to my knee, simple.

I have had wobbles just like anyone would BUT before reaching for something that was going to take me over my calories or hinder my progress I asked myself:

“is this going to help me reach my goal?”

“is this it actually going to make me feel any better?”

“will I feel regret if I have this?”

I found after those questions I didn’t reach for food or wine for comfort because the real thing I was after was to be leaner, healthier and stronger. I have now got my head around the fact that food is NOT a reward, and wine will not take away my stress. ME learning how to put myself in a more relaxing situation will relieve stress. My reward has been watching my body shrink (and buying new clothes) my reward is feeling leaner, healthier, stronger and alive!

I have learnt that there are no GOOD/BAD foods, they are all equal. If I want to eat some chocolate that’s fine it’s ok, I just need to work it into my calories and my macros. If I want a sandwich that’s fine, bread is not evil, just work it in.  My son had his birthday in my first week with Dan and on his party I ate pizza at my son’s favourite pizza chain and I ate birthday cake BUT I stayed within my calories. I didn’t hit my protein that day but I did hit it within the overall week.



I did a before and after picture the other day, with just 7 weeks difference between the 2 pictures. I had so many compliments and encouragement of “my great achievement”. I messaged Dan and told him I felt a fraud. I felt like I was being deceitful, “hey I was breathing in”, “it was good lighting” blah blah. My mind is saying “you haven’t done much, just tracked your food and done some workouts, you haven’t sweat it out in the gym and deprived yourself of your favourite foods, you shouldn’t be entitled to feel good”. BUT that’s the key right there YOU DON’T NEED TO SWEAT IT OUT IN THE GYM, YOU DON’T NEED TO DEPRIVE YOURSELF you just need to be consistent and make those simple life changes.

Having Dan has held me accountable, his given encouragement for those days that I have doubted myself and tools to take with me for the future. Anyone can make the progress that I made with the right advice, a little bit of effort and consistency.



You can read Part one of Becky’s journey here:

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